about us

The birth of Spirit, The birth of orchestrating the cellar and the mechanism of simplifying wine industry’s work gave birth of Aarest. The value of a winery is the most hotly contested asset to value in the wine industry. Industry professionals and executives assume brand value is synonymous with goodwill. Aarest innovates to keep up the good work of simplifying the work-load of winery. Join us to see the far-fetched effect of Aarest.


Since its inception in the year 2001, Aarest is working relentlessly for the betterment of wine and food industry. All the equipments and machineries offered by the company is well-tested and accepted in the industry. Major goal of the organization is to improve existing technologies and inventing customer-centric products, which can save valuable time and money for the and reduce the labor cost. The company is banking on the high quality of its product and complete customer satisfaction. Aarest has the experience and skill set to minimise winery related machinery that could provide additional value to winery owners and investors.